The Hodges Brand


Inspired by men of character, we believe that integrity is our greatest asset. So using readily available chemicals in our products just wasn’t an option. 

Our high-performance formulas use natural botanical extracts to protect from environmental damage, for healthy, younger looking skin. From shea butter to mango extract, every natural ingredient is purposefully chosen for its cleansing, nourishing or anti-aging properties.

We work with British craftsman using small batch manufacturing, ensuring that all ingredients are sourced from reputable supplies that care about the welfare of everyone involved. Our commitment to supporting British businesses extends to our handmade gift boxes, eco packaging materials and even our stationary.

With a minimal aesthetic, our products are designed to compliment the most style-conscious of spaces. But beyond the surface, integrity is what drives us.


My grandfather Reggie was the inspiration behind our #MenofCharacter campaign. Despite losing his father as a child, having to leave school at twelve and the effects of five years service in WW2, he was hard working, selfless and strong-willed. He developed a real sense of what it meant to be a gentleman, perhaps without even realising it.

Hodges, the men’s tailor that my other grandfather managed was a fitting home for a man of his character. As a tailor, his need to craft later translated to making wooden models of boats from his tiny shed.

My father studied as an engineer in the 1960s and as a child was fascinated with radios and taking things apart. This interest in design, how things work and the chosen materials is something I also inherited.

Each story was influential in developing the concept of Hodges and our focus to build a brand of integrity.