Hodges Ethical Policy

Our strong ethics impact every decision we make. Outlined below are some of our ethical policies.


Common sense is at the heart of decisions that impact our environment. 

Beyond obvious factors such as the use of recyclable materials used for business cards or letters, we question the necessity of anything that may have a negative effect, such as the use of excessive or non-recyclable packaging materials.

Naturally, some of the more exotic ingredients such as citrus oil from Italy, or Argan from Morocco will need to be shipped from overseas, but we leave this to the wholesalers that supply our producers because they can buy in bulk and therefore reduce any unnecessary carbon footprint.

Our grooming products are concentrated, which doesn’t just reduce packaging, postage and our carbon footprint, they also last longer. Our other products are designed to last, including our leather goods, which are fully repairable and will give many years of faithful use.


We are serious about our responsibility towards recycling.

We find the idea of digging a hole in our beautiful countryside to fill with waste ridiculous. All of our products are contained in beautiful cardboard-based packaging that can be recycled, and where appropriate reused.

We use easily recyclable PET Plastic, aluminium, or cardboard. Every item is chosen for its characteristics and we don’t use the necessary usual packing materials that more often than not, ends up in land-fill.

Your orders are enclosed in a beautiful handmade gift box which is designed to be reused to store your possessions for many years to come. We only use cardboard or paper materials rather than plastic bubble wrap.


We work with suppliers in Britain to produce our products in small batches, even for our cardboard gift boxes which are handmade in London. Where possible we use London based producers, for example, Moo prints our business cards and we collect them on the tube. This sensible rather than revolutionary approach is also reflected in the way that we collect products from our suppliers.

In addition, through our #menofcharacter campaign, we hope to influence the future generations of men to be positive, well-rounded and considerate members of society.