Natural and Organic Skincare for Men

How many times have you bought a scrub or moisturiser only to be disappointed? So many mass-produced products offer mediocre performance on for men’s skin, because they aren’t tailored to the needs of men’s skin.

Men’s skin has always been an afterthought for the big brands and even male specific products are packed with unnecessary chemicals.

All-Natural Performance Skincare

This gap in the market was something that I became very aware of when I started to considered my age and health as I approached 30.

Adam - founder

As a brand, we believe that integrity is a man’s greatest asset, so using readily available chemicals in our formulas was never an option.

We are focused on developing anti-ageing skincare products based around naturally high-performing ingredients, and no petrochemicals.

The Use of Chemicals in Men’s Skin Care

After several years working in motorsport, I was quite aware of the chemicals industry, but I didn’t realise until I sat in a particularly dull oil presentation that many of by-products from crude oil are used to produce cosmetic products.

These so-called petrochemicals aren’t all bad. In fact, some of them are quite effective - which is great for washing up liquid. But, some of them are known to be irritants to the skin, causing allergies, reactions or worse. And what’s more concerning is the long-term health effects that linked to the repeated daily contact with these chemicals, multiple times per day, over a lifetime.

Natural and Organic Skincare for Men - Without Petrochemicals

We aren’t going to risk your health for our bottom line. Especially when these chemicals aren’t necessary. We, therefore, don’t use any unnecessary chemicals in our products.

Instead, our natural and organic skin care for men is based on around naturally beneficial ingredients. Some of our products are completely organic such as our deodorant, and some are also vegan such as our styling clay, but every product uses natural ingredients and is free-from unnecessary chemicals.


The decision between natural and organic ingredients

In 2016 when we were at the early planning stages of Hodges, one thing was clear. We were focused on making natural skin and hair care products, without harsh chemical ingredients.

What took some decision making was whether we would produce natural or natural and organic skincare products.

Why Organic Isn’t Always Necessary

Given that the many of our natural ingredients were originally edible, such as avocado, mango or coconuts, It’s actually not too dissimilar from food production.

Some ingredients are more susceptible to being eaten by insects or be affected by contamination which could mean the crop is unusable. Also, some crops are just more resilient than others so are easier to grow.

It’s, therefore, more beneficial to use organic for certain ingredients than others, where sometimes the benefit is reduced because that particular plant is largely unaffected when it grows naturally and therefore doesn’t require excessive pesticides. 

Common Organic Skin Care Myths

It's worth noting that organic farming does rely on pesticides, but the use is restricted to natural pesticides and fertilisers, rather than the synthetic type used in regular production.

There are many respected academic studies that will dispel some of the myths around organic agricultural production, and the perceived benefits when considering mass-farming practices.

Sometimes modern synthetic farming chemicals are better suited to protect crops and result in reduced usage. In addition, the use of organic farming pesticides is fairly liberal regulated and some producers need to use greater amounts of organic approved pesticides which can make the certain organic ingredients less desirable.

Natural and Organic Skin Care for Men

As a natural skincare brand working with small-scale suppliers and small-batch manufacturing, we then need to consider our position. 

Which ingredients could use excessive, which may be transferred to our men’s skincare products? And which ingredients do we consider to be vital that they use organic raw materials? 

In the end we choose our suppliers and ingredients carefully in order to ensure cruelty-free, high performing ingredients.

To learn more, see our full ingredients or FAQ below.