The Best Natural Face Scrub For Men

To understand why we are confident that our product is the best natural face scrub for men, let’s talk about the role of men’s face scrubs and common problems below.

Men’s Face Scrub Overview

Anyone that is involved in sports, outdoor activities or a workplace that involves getting dirty will understand the value of an adequate facial cleaner. But even city workers are exposed to dirt, debris and air-born pollution,

Our minimalist inspired skincare uses our volcanic scrub for an efficient way to cleanse and remove dead skin without a complicated skincare routine,

Why a face scrub is the easiest way to younger-looking skin

Regularly exfoliating skin will help remove blemishes, spots or blackheads and also improve wet shaving results. While primarily designed to remove dead skins and clean pores of excessive toxins, exfoliating scrubs should be supported by a balanced cleansing formula. 

A well-designed scrub should should cleanse, restore and nourish, for refreshed and hydrated skin. 


The Best Face Scrub For Men

“Before launching Hodges, I vividly remember receiving grooming gift sets - plastered with promises of deep cleansing or youth activating properties. Sadly, I found this is was true even for award-winning products or those supposedly the best face scrubs for men”.

Adam - Founder

Armed with our team’s own experience, we started a research project to understand the needs of men’s skin and their frustrations with existing products.

Design Brief: Hodges Volcanic Scrub

Using our research we created a detailed research brief to respond to the problems with existing available products. This allowed use to create a clear brief which focused on the following key areas.

  1. Provide exceptional exfoliating properties for men’s skin

  2. Leave skin feeling clean, fresh and hydrated

  3. Nourish skin with natural extracts without the need for additional moisturiser

Armed with our research and clear brief, we started working with skincare experts to create the best natural face scrub for men.

Volcanic Scrub by Hodges


Free-from unnecessary chemicals, our formula is powered by powerful natural extracts. Based around finely ground volcanic pumice, this key ingredient helps smooths, cleanse and removes dead skin, without upsetting PH balance.

Submerged in a blend of pure botanical extracts the natural formula hydrates and protects for a balanced, revitalised skin.  Face scrubs also help prepare for a better shave by softening facial hair and reduce the change of ingrown hairs.

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Our Guide to Using a Men’s Facial Scrub

Using a  face scrub to exfoliate men’s skin shouldn’t be a long process. Pick up a bottle of Hodges Volcanic Scrub and follow our simple guide on how to use face scrub below.

How to Use Volcanic Face Scrub For Men

Cleansing and exfoliating your face each day will help solve everyday skincare problems such as blackheads or oily skin for a healthier appearance.

  1. Wash your hands and face using warm (but not hot) water

  2. Add a small amount of scrub to your palm, then gently rub skin using a using a circular motion

  3. After sixty seconds, use our bamboo cloth and warm water to gently remove the product before rinsing with cool water and patting dry.

If you have naturally dry skin, apply a small mount of silk cream. We also recommend checking (and ideally stopping the use of commercially produced products (that rely on petrochemicals) which can make your skin oily or dry.

Cleansing and exfoliating your face daily will help solve everyday skincare problems such as blackheads, oily or dry skin and the healing process. 

The Best Natural Face Scrub for Men - Guaranteed

It’s a bold claim, but one that we stand by, with a money-back guarantee. Buy Hodges Volcanic Scrub and if you aren’t completely satisfied, we’ll give you a full refund - no quibbles.

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Men’s Face Scrub FAQs

Is Hodges Volcanic Scrub suitable for dry/oily/combination skin?

Our face scrub is designed for men, which every your skin type. Incidentally, many skin conditions are caused by the harsh ingredients or irritants, which is why we use natural formulas.

Can I use my face scrub every day?

Thanks to your gentle, yet highly effective formula you an absolutely use our scrub as often as you require. If you don’t feel the need to scrub twice a day, just rinse with water an a bamboo cloth.

What’s volcanic about the Hodges scrub?

We use grown volcanic pumice for effective skin exfoliating properties - yes from volcanic rock.

What are the ingredients in Hodges Face Scrub?

We use seven natural extracts including apricot, coconut, sunflower, ground volcanic rock, avocado, blackcurrant and lime - view our full ingredients.

Can I use face scrub with acne?

Skin exfoliation is highly recommended for acne-prone skin do remove toxins, dirt and oils. Although do be careful of which products you use. Our natural formula is free-from petrochemicals which can irritant skin.

How long have men used face scrubs?

Even the Egyptians and Romans knew the benefits of using natural exfoliating scrubs to cleanse skin. It’s believed they used ground rock, sugar or honey as basic face scrub formula. 

How is a natural face scrub different?

As a natural face scrub, our formula doesn’t contain harsh or irritating ingredients that are derived from unnecessary petrochemicals. We use natural botanical extracts or gentle alternatives that are mostly derived from nature.

he harsh ingredients or irritants,

Can I make my own natural face scrub for men?

You can make a simple face scrub to exfoliate skin, but be careful of the delate face and eye areas. Our blend of seven pure botanical extracts help hydrate and repair as well as exfoliate skin. If you do practice, please research before hand, or do yourself a favour and buy our scrub.