Petrochemicals in Skin Care

What are petrochemicals?

Everyday, the oil industry produces hundreds of by-products called petrochemicals. Despite being unnecessary, ineffective and potentially toxic, these chemicals are used in the overwhelming majority of cosmetic products around the world.

Are they a big deal?

Numerous studies have shown petrochemicals can be at least cause allergic relations, and even more worrying is the continued, long-term exposure to these chemicals over a lifetime.

Not only are these chemicals potentially damaging to our wellbeing, but they are also inferior and completely unnecessary. We will never use petrochemicals in our skin care.

We suggest you _avoid_ petrochemicals including sulfates, parabens, silicon, alcohol, synthetic fragrances, harsh preservatives, mineral oil, sodium laureth'/lauryl sulphate, parabens, micro beads, synthetic fragrances, lanolin, methylisothiazolinone, artificial colours, perfumes, and palm oil. More in our petrochemicals journal.

What are the alternatives to petrochemicals?

Our performance formulas are powered by natural botanical extracts such as coconut, lime, tea leaf, and liquorice for younger looking skin. Each ingredient is chosen for its specific properties for healthy, younger looking skin. For more information you can learn more about our ingredients.