Natural Hand Wash by Hodges


As we grow as men, the space that we call home becomes an important place to unwind after a long day and restart for the next challenge.

The bathroom is a place where a few minutes can be a welcoming break from working from home or perhaps to even take time away from a difficult situation.

The act of cleansing one’s hands is a symbolic part of breaks to the rest room.

Hand Wash vs Soap Compared

I’ve never found a soap that doesn’t leave my hands with that sticky, almost rubberised feeling - Our experts tell me that this due to the necessity of making an alkaline product.

Thankfully the mass-produced soaps of the past are becoming a rarity. And while there are some comparably superior products available, hand washes offer a more convenient way of achieving the ultimate clean hand feeling.

Does a Visit to the Gents Require Hand Cream?

Most restaurants or hotels will often accompany hands with a hand cream, something often appreciated my ladies of a certain age. But I’ve never considered it a necessity after a simple visit to the gents.

The reality is that many hand washes contain powerful or even harsh chemicals that actually dry out your skin, hence the need for the moisturisers, which are often greasy.

our Brief: Hand Wash for Men

Working with our formulation experts, we developed the following brief.

  • Use natural ingredients - without petrochemicals or any harsh cleansing agents

  • Provide cleansing and moisturising properties - without the need for additional hand creams

  • Include a natural fragrance suitable for everyone

The Result: Natural Hand Wash by Hodges

Our formulation is built around lemon and lime extracts.

These citrus heroes of the cleansing world are not to be underestimated. Not only do they remove stains and odours, they also provide antiseptic, astringent and naturally antibacterial properties.

In addition, each extract provides natural oils also help energise an reinvigorate the mind. In fact, both have links to helping reduce anxiety, perfect when you need a moment to refresh

Natural hand wash FORMULA WITH pure essential oils

We also use pure essential oils from organic aloe vera, organic sea buckthorn fruit and soap bark tree extract. The extracts are used for both fragrance and beneficial properties.

Each ingredient has been chosen to leave your hands feeling clean, without unnecessarily harsh chemicals or additional hand creams.

Our natural hand wash is packaged in a confident, yet minimal aesthetic, designed to compliment modern or traditional spaces.

For a closer look, take a look at our ingredients or buy Citrus Hand Wash in our shop.