An Introduction to The Double Edge Safety Razor


Gents of seniority may recognise its form, because safety razors were the norm until Gillette/Bic introduced the disposable plastic razors seen today.

Double edge/DE safety razors use a steel blade that is sandwiched between a top cap and the bottom guard.

Both opposing sides of the blade are sharp, which can be flipped, providing to four shaves per blade, using a fresh razor each time. Alternatively, you can use both sides of the same blade on two separate shaves.

This ensures you get the most efficient shave possible and it’s gentle on your wallet.

Single blade razors with correct geometry offer a much more efficient shave with far less irritation compared to multi-blade razors, which put your skin through the equivalent of 12-15 passes.

The Hone Type 15A Safety Razor

Our shave kits include the Type 15A safety razor by Hone.

The Type 15 is a modern refinement of a classic concept. CNC machined from a single billet of Aluminium, the award-winning design begs to be held.

It produces a controlled, balanced shave, perfectly suited to a beginner or advanced wet shavers who appreciate form and function.

Hone founder Andrew says “the geometry of this three-piece razor has been adjusted to match the properties of this high performance yet lightweight material”.

This makes it an easy swap if you’re new to safety razors and don’t fancy practicing with a cut throat, which does require time and regular practice.

How to change a safety razor blade

Changing the blade on the Type 15A is the same as many safety razors with a three piece design.

If you're new to safety razors, we recommend fitting a new blade before getting your hands wet to prevent any unnecessary cuts.

  1. Unscrew the handle and place the top cap upside down on a level surface with the screw facing up

  2. Place the blade over the screw on the top cap

  3. Hold each end of the bottom guard and slip over the top cap

  4. Gently screw the handle to the bottom guard to fix together 




Benefits to Using a Safety Razor

Even for sensitive skin, using the Type 15 with our Luxe Shave Butter will virtually eliminate irritation and the need for a post-shave balm. Yes, we really mean it.

If you suffer from dry skin then of course use a alcohol-free moisturiser such as our silk cream. But our shave butter uses Apricot Oil, Sunflower, Coconut, Mango, Avocado and Shea Butter for an ultra-nourishing shave.

In addition to reduced irritation and cheaper blades, using a safety razor means you’ll help reduce your plastic waste.

How Safety Razor Blades Compare On Price

The cheapest razor blades such as Derby are just 6p each, with Feather of Japan producing the most expensive at 24p, which are the sharpest blades available and better suited to advanced shavers.

Both represent a significant cost saving and better shave compared to cartridge razors.

We supply KAI stainless steel blades from Japan because they perfectly suit the Type 15A for a formidable yet remarkably smooth shave.

There are many blade manufacturers around and it’s a good idea to try different blades to suit your hair and skin type.

To learn more, view our guide on how to shave properly or check our Reggie's Shave Collection for shave kit, pictured below.