The Best Hair Conditioner For Men


There are many misconceptions around the use of hair conditioners for men.

Our latest journal will get to the bottom of them, including our recommendation on why we're confident that our product is the best hair conditioner for men.

How Does Hair Conditioner Work?

In simple terms, a hair conditioner is essentially a moisturising product for hair. It’s used to increase the manageability of hair and restore the natural moisture balance of the hair and scalp. It also helps to prevent both dryness or greasiness, which is often disrupted by mediocre shampoos.

Some people will tell you that if you have fine, thick, greasy or hair then you need a particular conditioner, but this isn't true. An effective conditioning formula that’s designed specifically for men’s hair should be suitable for all hair types.

How often should I condition my hair?

The frequency in which you condition your hair is affected by your hair type, lifestyle, and how often you cleanse with shampoo. That being said, many people forget that styling and cleansing products will also affect how often you can and should condition your hair. Mass produced shampoos often use excessively harsh ingredients which can strip away hairs natural oils which causes dry or greasy hair.

Are all men’s conditioners the same?

Many hair conditioners are too heavy for men’s hair or fail to provide the balance of nutrients required. While men and women’s hair is fundamentally the same, men's styling products effect the hair and scalp which is why men’s specific conditioner is recommended. That being said, the curl, waves, shine or texture are not related to sex which is why our products are often welcomed by female partners of our customers.

Powered by nutrient-rich natural ingredients

The best hair conditioner for men is free from sulphates, parabens and unnecessary petrochemicals. Our lightweight formula stimulates and protects for a healthy non-greasy appearance. Powerful natural ingredients such as fatty acids and sunflower extract help replenish moisture to hydrate hair and scalp.


Formulated in Britain, our natural conditioner for men contains organic coconut extract and vitamin E for balanced hair follicles. We've designed our conditioner for all hair types and it's suitable for daily use, or as required throughout the week.

Buy Hodges Coco Conditioner online

The best hair conditioner for men, or your money-back.

The best hair conditioner for men, or your money-back.

Our lightweight formula stimulates and protects hair for a healthy non-greasy appearance. Fatty acids and sunflower extract help replenish moisture to hydrate hair and scalp, for all hair types.

If you don’t agree that Hodges coco conditioner is the best conditioner for men, we will refund you within 30 days.

Learn more about men’s conditioner in our FAQ below. Buy Hodges Coco Conditioner from our shop. We recommend paring it with our Natural Shampoo, for best results.


What makes Hodges conditioner natural?

Our natural conditioner for men is free-from petrochemicals, that is, any by-product of the oil industry.

Can I use hair conditioner daily?

Depending on your shampoo, you might need to condition daily to re-hydrate your hair after cleansing. But using a natural shampoo will reduce your need to condition to one to three days each week.

What is the best conditioner for dry or damaged hair

Our hair conditioner uses coconut derived fatty acids, sunflower extracts and added vitamin E to repair and replenished dry or damaged hair.

Do you need to use hair conditioner?

Most people will need to use hair conditioner at least twice each week to maintain a healthy scalp. The frequency of how often you wash and condition your hair is affected by your lifestyle.

How often should I conditioner my hair?

Yes, you are best placed to know how often you should condition your hair. As always the frequency will depend on your lifestyle and hair styling products. Traditional shampoos will often require the use of har conditioners during every use.

Do I Still Need to Use Shampoo?

Yes. Shampoo is designed to cleanse, conditioners replace lost nutrients and improve manageability. Contrary to some misinformed bloggers, you can’t effectively cleanse hair with a conditioner.

What makes a good conditioner for men’s hair?

We suggest avoiding parabens, sulphates or any unnecessary petrochemicals which are known to cause irritations or potentially long-term effects to your health.

Can I use Hodges Coco Conditioner on my beard?

Yes we’d recommend you periodically conditioner your facial hair - see our beard kit.

If you have any questions relating to hair conditioner for men, drop us a message and we will gladly help.