How Men Can Look Younger and Healthier


There isn't a magic cream that will stop wrinkles or transform your skin overnight, despite what big cosmetics brands might tell you. What you can do is consider genetics, lifestyle and self-care to help you look younger than your age, well into later life.

You Can Look Younger at 30, 40 or 50

  1. Enjoy a nutritional balanced diet with the occasional treat

  2. Keep your mind and body exercised and well rested

  3. Ensure your hair, skincare routine and dress is on-point

If you take care of yourself in the form of grooming and a sensible attitude towards your well-being, you can maintain a youthful exterior well into later life and without major changes to your lifestyle.


Our Top Tips for Men to Look Younger

1. Look after your skin FOR A YOUNGER, HEALTHIER FACE

Whether you work in an office or construction, the largest organ in your body is constantly bombarded with hot water, airborne grime, chemicals and everything else. Cleansing and moisturising with a natural product will help to reduce wrinkles, blemishes and balance skin that can make you look older.

Avoiding chemicals will also reduce the chances of irritation or skin problems and even long-term health concerns. Our volcanic face scrub is perfect for daily use to cleanse and condition skin for a youthful exterior. Learn more in our ultimate skincare routine for men.

2. What you eat effects way more than your waistline

An old personal trainer once said to me, “your body is what you put into it”. So if you take drugs, regularly drink alcohol and live-off pizzas, then guess what? You’re going to look like it. Educate yourself on what you should be eating and you’ll look and feel ten years younger.

This doesn’t mean giving-up pizzas. It means sticking to freshly cooked nutrient-rich foods and maxing out your five-a-day. Eating a treat every now and then is fine, but make sure it isn’t the basis of your diet. It isn’t difficult to learn about food groups and you’ll quickly understand which are good for body.

3. Your smile is can make you seem older (and more grumpy)

Smiling doesn’t just release endorphins in your brain, it also forms as the basis of communication with your fellow people. Don’t let poor oral hygiene ruin your confidence. Brushing at least twice daily, using dental floss and rinsing with mouthwash (or salt water) will keep your smile matching your well-grooming exterior.

4. Make friends with your barber

If you’ve seen Joshua Coombes cutting hair for the homeless, you’ll understand the powerful physiological effect of a haircut, even for those unfortunate enough to be rough sleeping.

Set a calendar reminder for a trim every four weeks will ensure your hair is always on point because you never know who you might run into around town. Hair can play a big part in how to look good at any age, especially if you’re thinning up top.

5. Move your body

It’s a simple fact that you need to exercise your mind and body, and that includes your heart, joints and maintaining a healthy weight. Whether you swim, life weights or enjoy HIIT classes, find what you enjoy and make it a part of your weekly agenda. Your body will thank you when you hit 50. It will also reduce the chance of you gaining weight or unnecessary illness in later life.

6. Stop using chemical-filled products

Most people don’t suffer from a skin condition, so they don’t question the ingredients on their bathroom shelf. But even some rudimentary research will provide many research studies follow links to known carcinogens, skin conditions and even cancer.

We don’t think it’s worth the risk, so educate yourself, or just source men’s cosmetics which are free-from petrochemicals. We don’t use any unnecessary chemicals in our skin and hair care range which will help you look younger and healthier.

7. Learn how to dress properly

Dressing well doesn’t have to be expensive and you don’t have to dress like Don Draper to well-dressed man. Developing a wardrobe of key versatile pieces will ensure you are dressed for the occasion without loosing your personal style.

Well dressed people get complimented and as such people usually see them as looking younger, happier and more confident. If you’re invited to an event or gathering, it’s better to bet the smart end of casual, but feel free to experiment with your daily attire.

8. Look after your facial hair

Whether you’re blessed like Mr T, baby smooth skin, or you’re a stubble guy, you need to look after your facial hair to look youthful. For the beard-generation, using a natural shampoo and beard product such as Reggie’s Hair Clay will ensure your hair and skin is conditioned - a big part of beard maintenance. And don’t forget about trimming the length and shaving the edges for a neater more defined look.

Designer stubble is not five day stubble, so don’t be lazy. Even a trim with a rechargeable trimmer each day with ensure your Netflix marathons aren’t represented by your face. Wet shaving once a week is hardly a chore and can be a therapeutic ritual. Check our guide on how to shave properly to learn more.

The Bottom Line on Looking Younger for Men

We cannot slow down the process of getting old, but we can take sensible steps to reduce premature ageing. Once you understand some basic grooming techniques, most of learning how to look younger than your age is common sense.

If you have a big weekend, take some time out to detox and your mind and body will thank you. In short, look after yourself through diet, exercise and rest and learn how to groom yourself to fit your style and you’ll never look your age.

Do you have any tips to stay looking younger? If so leave them in the comments below.