How to Reduce Men’s Body Odour


Sweating is a perfectly healthy and normal body process. It’s our way of regulating body temperature or cooling off - hence why we sweat during stressful periods, exercise or in hotter climates.

When we sweat the clear liquid produced by the sweat glands is mainly water, with some salt, protein and oils, which feeds bacteria which is naturally present on our skin. This leads to the unpleasant smell that we know as body odour. BO can be embarrassing and often happens at the most inconvenient times so we’ve included some tips on how to reduce men’s body odour below.

How to Reduce Men’s Body Odour (BO)

Men sweat more than women due to a higher production of sweat per glad, but there are some simple ways for men to reduce excessive sweating/body odour. The most obvious are unsurprisingly related to lifestyle and personal care - checkout our guide below.

  1. Reduce Alcohol Intake

    After downing your favourite shot, alcohol gets metabolised into acetate or acetic acid which can be accepted into the sweat and eventually your underarm bacteria,. The result is that funky result of your evenings activities.

  2. Watch what you eat
    It’s not just fast-food. Red meat, excessive spice and even cruciferous vegetables (such as broccoli and sprouts) can cause excess sulfur production which is metabolised by underarm bacteria causing BO.

  3. Yet another byproduct of smoking
    Aside from the proven cancer risks, smoking causes the body to produce acetylcholine which raises the heat rate, body temperature and guess what, your underarm bacteria have a field day.

  4. Let your clothes breathe
    This can make a huge difference, especially if you walk to work. Traditionally cotton was the the choice material due to its breathability nature. But bamboo is antibacterial and has superior wicking abilities making it ideal for vests or t-shirts. If you sweat a lot on your commute, consider a lighter jacket, or leaving clean shirts at work to change into when your body temperature has reduced or after a morning gym session.

  5. Consider Your Fitness

    If the lifts are broken and a jolt up the stairs leaves you with sweaty pits, the answer may lie in your fitness. Remember that your heart and overall fitness levels contribute more than lifting weights. Include 2-3 sessions  week to increase your heart rate and general mobility to provide better overall fitness.

  6. Stay Fresh Guys

    Assuming you are showering at least once a day, we don’t mean using commercial or industrial cleaning products. Sometimes not letting a shirt dry thoroughly or wearing a gym top that doesn’t smell can cause unnecessary bacteria. We recommend using a gentle but natural cleanser such as our Hybrid Mint Wash and ensuring your body and clothes are adequately clean and dry.

  7. Use Hodges Natural Deodorant

    The bottom line is gents, you are going to sweat and that’s ok. We hope that you take a considered approach to your lifestyle which should leave you with normal levels of perspiration, but of course we all get body odour. Using a natural deodorant will help you deal with any unwanted odours without compromising your health. Buy our Organic Deodorant online.

Reducing Men’s Body Odour - Final Thoughts

If you think your level of sweating or body odour isn’t normal, it’s worth visiting a doctor or health professional, as excessive sweating can be linked to health concerns.

For more on sweating, checkout our FAQ in our latest post on Natural Deodorant For Men.