Reflections after two months


I cannot believe it has been over two months since we launched the Hodges website. Despite being involved in many campaigns and business launches before, this has been an eye-opener in terms of the amount of work required to start up a project of this scale.

Our Commitment to British Manufacturing

I know this is largely down to my stubbornness to ‘do things properly’ - in terms of everything. I have been borderline obsessive in making sure that everything we design, make or buy is made in Britain or where this isn’t feasible, matches the quality that we’re trying to achieve.

We are still making Hodges work around our day jobs, which means our evenings weekends and every spare hour is spent designing, pouring, packing or thinking about Hodges, which takes its toll.

I’ve been trying to switch off from Hodges and take at least had a day off per week, but I just find that I get inspired and think of new ideas or things I need to do. Do you have any tips for this?

Anyway, so we’ve launched the website and it has been so well received. There is still a lot of content and improvements in the pipeline, but I’m really pleased with the results, especially as it’s been done in-house, with the help of friends and family (and the guys at Orca).

Quality is what drives us

We’re getting great feedback on our products and all of the efforts spent sourcing the best natural ingredients and working with British craftsman is starting to feel justified. Despite the challenges, I think that quality prevails and there are people that appreciate that.

As well as the website, we have also been even busier over the past three weeks as we started building our first pop-up store at Market House, Kingston. Home to my very talented friend Eva at Rocco Jewellery.

After the Market House had its own mini relaunch, it seemed like the perfect time to open our first retail space.  As the historic building is home to a range of designers and provides a fitting home for our range of British-made grooming products.

We had three weeks to design and build the shop interior and it’s really come together well. I won’t go into too much detail here, but we’ve built bespoke metal and timber shelving, as well as using vintage pieces of furniture, including a mangle base that belonged to my grandmother.

We had a little launch event on the 7th June and it was great to see people supporting and even hearing a few compliments on the space. I still feel that there is a mammoth journey ahead of us, but it’s good to feel that we’ve now reached a new chapter.

Thank you for all of your support and if you're passing anywhere near Kingston, South West London, come in and say hi at Market House.

We’re pleased to say that since our pop-up at the Market House closed, we are now stocked in the permanent shop.