Vegan Skin and Hair Care for Men


Vegan Skin and Hair Care for Men

While I don't adopt a vegan lifestyle, I do respect those that do. So from day one, we were very conscious of the need for vegan skin and hair care products. Typically they are more difficult to produce, so we factored into our research, which allowed us to establish which products weren’t available for men.

Natural vs Vegan skincare

We produce high-performing men's grooming products based around natural and organic ingredients. Our research showed that vegan men found it difficult to find high-performing haircare products. We therefore made the decision to focus on ensuring our natural haircare products were also vegan-friendly.

Vegan-friendly products in our range

Mint Body Wash - Natural Shampoo - Coco Conditioner - Reggie’s Hair Clay - Citrus Hand Wash

We use reputable suppliers who care about the welfare of the people involved in our ingredients production and aim to make all of our products vegan-friendly in the future. Learn more about our vegan skin and hair care below, including our plans to become completely vegan in the future.

Currently, our skincare products aren't suitable for vegans as they contain hydrolysed silk protein. This comes from the cocoon of silk-worms. We are working to replace this ingredient with oat protein in future batches, but this does take time.

Vegan Skincare for Men

While well-meaning, we found that many vegan skincare brands are not only visually uninspiring, they are often ineffective in their primary function as a skincare product.

This is often because the focus is purely on developing a vegan product, rather than a product that delivers the high-performance that men require. This can leave skin lacking adequate nourishment or poor quality shave.

In addition, many skincare products are actually designed for women’s skin which is different to men’s skin, which is thicker and produces higher amounts of oil and collagen.

Vegan Haircare for Men

There are many natural and organic shampoos which have admirable ethical credentials. But few vegan haircare products offer the performance required by men, especially for those that use styling products.

Many organic and vegan shampoos use a mild formula to prevent stripping away hairs natural oils. However, too mild and you'll find that your hair doesn't actually feel clean, perhaps due to residual styling products.

Men's Gift Set for Vegans

We can offer a fantastic hair care kit for vegan men which includes our shampoo, conditioner and hair clay. Every gift set is shipped in a handmade gift box made by MacCarthy & Sons in East London. The box is designed to be reused and wrapped in a beautiful black textured paper from G . F Smith.

The future of vegan skincare

It’s inevitable that veganism will continue to grow as people become more aware of the ethical, environmental and health benefits of cutting out animal products. Even if it means a reduction in consumption rather than a complete conversation to a vegan lifestyle.

As our brand grows, we endear to produce vegan skin and hair care products for men that natural our natural product range. Until then, take a look at the vegan products we currently produce.

As always I welcome any comments or suggestions for our future range of vegan skin or hair care products. I would also like to add that while our focus is on vegan skincare for men, we welcome everyone, whatever your skin type or gender.